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Privacy Notice

Type of personal data Source of personal data Purpose of processing Special processing Passing on to third parties Place of processing 1. What is this Privacy Notice about? This Privacy Notice provides information on the nature, scope and purpose of the gathering, processing and use of personal data carried out by the SemioticTransfer AG translation […]

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Legal notice

Postal address:SemioticTransfer AGBruggerstrasse 69CH-5400 Baden Tel.: + 41 56 470 40 40Fax: + 41 56 470 40 44contact@semiotictransfer.chwww.semiotictransfer.ch We wish to draw your attention to the fact that we use the masculine form of ‘translator’ in German, i.e. we refer to translators as ‘he’ instead of opting for the politically correct forms. This is purely […]

General Terms & Conditions for customers

1. General Hereinafter, SemioticTransfer AG is referred to as ‘SemioticTransfer’. 2. Scope These General Terms and Conditions apply to all services provided by SemioticTransfer (in particular translations, multilingual marketing texts, technical documentation, certified translations, proofreading, web texts and translation management). 3. Placing of orders The Client accepts these terms and conditions with the placing of […]


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