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Organising Certified Translations Over Christmas

If you have ever tried to post or receive anything important at this time of year, you’ll probably know just how much of a nightmare it can be.  Suffice to say therefore, this is absolutely not the time to be taking chances when it comes to the most important documents and translations of all.  Nevertheless, […]

Native Speakers for Certified Translations – The Only Standard to Demand

One of the most common misconceptions made by those sourcing certified translations is that of assuming that all certified translation services on the market are of equal quality and value. In reality, the truth is actually quite to the contrary. For one thing, working with a certified translation agency does not necessarily mean that each […]

Certified Translation FAQ: More Key Questions Answered

Here’s another roundup of just a few important questions on certified translations, along with their respective answers: What’s the deal with certified translations in the United States? Contrary to popular belief, translators based in the US do not have to be in any way qualified or certified, in order to provide certified translations.  The system […]

Certified Translations for Overseas Education

Studying overseas at any age can be a fantastic experience.  Along with gaining access to the most outstanding educational standards in the world, studying abroad also means opening yourself up to an entirely new culture.  Not only this, but also the incredible career prospects and heightened employability that come with this kind of experience on […]

Certified Translations for United States Immigration

It’s no secret that legally migrating to the United States isn’t what you’d call a straightforward process. But one element of the process that’s often overlooked in terms of complexity and its time-consuming nature is that of document translations. Quite simply, it is an official requirement to ensure you have certified translations of every document […]