Certified Translation for International Marriages

Planning a wedding can be taxing enough at the best of times, without the added responsibility of organising document translations.  International weddings are becoming something of a 21st century norm, though the process of getting married abroad can be convoluted to say the least. You need to prove who you are, validate your current circumstances and produce all essential personal documentation in the language of the country in which you intend to marry. Not only this, but if wishing to officially register the marriage in your home country, it’s then a case of translating the marriage certificate back into your country’s language.

This is precisely where certified translation comes into the equation – the only approach by which flawless document translation can be guaranteed. When it comes to identification documents, wedding certificates and associated paperwork, the margin for errors is literally zero. The wrong box ticked or the slightest information absence could render the whole marriage null and void in the eyes of the relevant authorities. And not only are many conventional translation services simply not cut out for such complex tasks, officially certified translations are more often than not deemed the only legally-acceptable standard.

There’s a very specific skill-set and approach involved in identifying each key point within a document and ensuring nothing is lost in translation. Certified by a notary public, our certified translation services guarantee complete and accurate results with a comprehensive variety of official documents and certificates. Having spent close to two decades working with clients based all over the world, there isn’t a document or a translation challenge we haven’t both encountered and mastered. Weddings should be uniquely enjoyable events, which is why there’s no room for allowing doubt or concern to creep into the equation.

There’s enough red tape to overcome when planning an international wedding – don’t allow low-grade translation services to add wholly unnecessary complications.

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